Payday loans without BIK – are they still available?



If you have debts not paid in banks or you have not paid off your liabilities to banks, then negative entries in BIK appear. A negative history in BIK may translate into serious difficulties in obtaining new financial products to also apply to payday loans .

Can you find financial products that allow you to borrow money without checking BIK?


In general, only banks can check BIK information. However, information in BIK can also be checked by other companies after consenting by clients. Many companies require this permission when applying for a financial payday loan . If the company checks this information then customers have negative entries in BIK may not be able to get a payday loan. Of course, a lot depends on what entry is in BIK.

Many payday loan companies do not take into account such liabilities in BIK, which were paid in a delay, even if the payment was made as part of bailiff enforcement.

Many companies take into account only currently unpaid financial liabilities, which are found in BIK. However, generally checking information in BIK with a bad history significantly limits the chances of obtaining a payday loan.

Payday loans without BIK

Companies providing payday loans without BIK are less and less on the market.

However, you can still find financial companies that do not check such information, that is, do not request permission to check such information from customers. If you want to find such companies, the best solution is to check the information available on the Internet. On financial portals, you can find information about the requirements of individual payday loan companies as part of granting payday loans.

On such sites you can find information about companies that do not check the information contained in BIK. Most often this applies to companies that provide payday loans for a short period of time. Quick payday loans generally can be obtained without checking BIK. However, such payday loans are not granted on favorable financial terms, but they can always be a solution in the event of an urgent need to borrow funds on the financial market.

Lack of checking BIK for longer lending periods

If you are looking for companies that provide medium-term or long-term payday loans without checking BIK, they are generally companies that operate on the payday loan market by providing secured payday loans. Such secured payday loans have much lower risk for financial companies due to the lack of payday loan repayment by customers.

payday loans’ collateral may include, among others, payday loans granted for security of movables as well as real estate. In general, mortgage collateral is recognized on the financial market as the best security for borrowed money.

Such protection allows to provide the most favorable conditions on which payday loans are granted in medium and long-term payday loans, as financial companies can borrow even larger sums of money without high risk.

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