Loans to finance your postgraduate studies

Nowadays the labor market is more difficult than ever, because you have to have a good currilum full of postgraduate studies to be able to choose a normal job. There are hundreds of thousands of university graduates and graduates, so companies have thousands of candidates for each job offer. Hence, many people choose to pursue postgraduate university studies to differentiate themselves from other candidates.

The problem of postgraduate studies in Spain and especially those at the master level is that it is not exactly cheap. University fees go up every year and access to the best Business Schools costs a minimum of 30000 euros. That is why many students decide to do a postgraduate course in Spain and not a master’s degree because it is more economical, but equally useful for professionally retraining or accessing the dream job.

When looking for a postgraduate or a master’s degree in Spain, you have to know how to choose the best program. For this we can use several criteria, the most important of which are job opportunities. Although it is also very important to see the courses offered by the best postgraduate schools in Spain, as would happen when looking for a master’s degree in a Business School. Finally, we must look at how to finance postgraduate studies, because if they are from Public Universities, scholarships and public aid can be used. But otherwise you will have to resort to credits for postgraduate studies, unless you have enough savings. That is why knowing how to choose the funding for your studies is almost as important as choosing schools or postgraduate programs.

Financing of studies without requesting credits for postgraduate studies

Financing of studies without requesting credits for postgraduate studies

It is not always necessary to resort to credits and banks in order to finance higher education, it must be borne in mind that many graduate schools in Spain have their own financing. They offer installment payments to facilitate the access of students to their higher programs. Normally the fees do not have interest, but sometimes the price of the graduate is slightly higher if you pay by installments. Or put another way, if paid once the graduate schools in Spain usually make a discount on the total price of the program.

When the postgraduate degree is official, we can use scholarships from the Ministry of Education and Culture to finance higher education. Although sometimes the problem is that the scholarship does not arrive on time and the student has to advance the tuition payment. In those cases it is necessary to resort to credits for postgraduate courses that anticipate the collection of the scholarship, especially if it is necessary to face the rent of accommodation for the stay during the academic year.

You can also check the website of the University or School if there are scholarships to finance postgraduate studies in the case of students with better academic records.

How to finance the enrollment to do a postgraduate in Spain

How to finance the enrollment to do a postgraduate in Spain

At the time of doing a postgraduate in Spain, there are many options to get the money necessary to finance tuition. Because it is complicated to work and study at the same time, so it is better to have enough money for the registration and the stay before starting the academic year.

One of the options to finance tuition is to ask the University Graduate School or not, for the agreements available with banks to apply for loans for studies. There are many financial institutions that offer credits for postgraduate or university studies in general. As for example SWA, Sowel bank, Creditender, or Bankate.

If the school or University where you are going to pursue postgraduate studies in Spain does not have agreements with financial entities, you can request for yourself the financing you need. For this the best option is to use an online loan comparison that will allow you to save a lot of time and money when looking for the best credits for studies. Keep in mind that the offer is very broad and that just like you use a postgraduate search engine in Spain you should also use one for financing.

Bankate Total University Credit

One of the entities most committed to university students is Bankate. That is why it offers numerous financing lines, one of the most interesting being the loan for university studies called Total Credit. That allows to finance the fees and enrollment of university graduate courses, which can reach up to 80000 euros by including an amount of money equivalent to ten months of the minimum interprofessional salary. Therefore, it is a revenue for postgraduate studies that must be taken outside the place of residence, which implies a high expenditure on maintenance and stay.

If you also want to do a university postgraduate course outside Spain, Bankate offers you another financing for studies abroad through the Erasmus program. As long as the student is under 31 years of age.

Creditender Postgraduate Studies

Another financial institution that has more variety of loans for studies, is Creditender. That in addition to master loans offer credits for graduate students with a maximum repayment term of up to 6 years.

To do this, it is necessary to request the so-called CrediEstudios Superiores of Creditender that allows the financing of undergraduate university studies or post-graduate studies without the need for scholarships. All this with a deadline of capital deficiency, that is, only interest is paid, up to 24 months. Undoubtedly a sufficient term to be able to attend any superior study that is not a university degree.

Advantages of using credits to finance postgraduates

Advantages of using credits to finance postgraduates

In Spain, it is normal for parents and relatives to pay for university studies, but in the United States it is normal to resort to loans for studies. Especially to make a career in a prestigious university, and also to do a master’s degree or MBA that allows access to the best jobs. But many of the postgraduate courses in Spain are paid by the parents of the students, since many times higher studies are carried out in the same University where the undergraduate studies have been taken.

In some cases students have to work full time or part time to finance their university studies. But that has the problem of not being able to focus on the graduate classes, and in the long run it can be a problem not to take advantage of the higher classes.

Resorting to postgraduate scholarships is not easy in Spain, because the amounts have been greatly reduced and the requirements hardened. That’s why the scholarship money is not easy to get, however it is much quicker and easier to get some of the credits for postgraduate courses that are on the market.

Sometimes, unlike masters, the cost of maintenance and stay often exceeds the cost of the registration of the postgraduate course. Because many universities and graduate schools are located in Barcelona or Madrid, cities with a high cost of living.

That is why resorting to credits for postgraduate studies is a very good financial solution to be able to study and get the curriculum vitae necessary to find the desired job. For many reasons:

  • They are cheaper loans than personal loans. Because the interest rate and commissions are lower, because they are aimed at clients with a high potential for the bank. Since they are people with university studies who can have a good job.
  • The repayment terms are longer and based on the duration of the courses and postgraduate courses. Especially with regard to the grace period, ie the period during which only interest is paid. What allows to reduce monthly fees, usually until the student finishes the graduate.
  • The amount allows to finance the expenses of stay in addition to the enrollment of the Graduate School. So it is not necessary to have savings or work during the studies to be able to finance the course.

As you can see there are many advantages when it comes to resorting to credits to do postgraduate studies. There are many financial entities in Spain that offer very advantageous conditions. But first of all it is recommended that before hiring any credit you use a comparison of online loans for studies. Like you must use a postgraduate search engine to have so many courses and schools in Spain, to make the best decision. Thanks to the use of specialized Internet portals, you will be able to save a lot of time and money when searching for the best postgraduate degree and with what credit you can finance it.

Keep in mind that financing higher education is how to apply for a personal loan, given that the term is almost more important than the interest rate or the APR. Normally university degree studies usually last 4 years but a postgraduate degree usually does not last more than 2 years. Therefore, the term for the credit is very different, especially with regard to the lack. When nothing is paid but interest.

The amount is not a big problem for postgraduate courses, not having money amounts as high as masters. Especially when they are from a very prestigious business school. But that does not mean that you can finance a graduate degree with a mini-loan. There are many other credit companies or banks that offer 100% online financing for studies and postgraduates, which allows applications almost without paperwork and save a lot of time.